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Abundance Promoting the understanding, preservation
       and practice of Traditional Herbal Arts

Here at Herb Planet we cultivate medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits & roots. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) , which means we are committed to farming in harmony with nature.   
in any of our practices or products.

Our deep connection to the plants and the natural world is the inspiration for our mission to share their beauty & healing properties by creating the highest quality, naturally pure, handcrafted Herbal and Nutritional Products. All of our products are lovingly created by hand using our CNG Plants & Herbs and/or certified organic/wildcrafted herbs.


Certified Naturally Grown

All of our
products are:

~ Pure & Natural
~ Earth Friendly
~ Organic, CNG
~ Safe & Effective
~ Easy to Use

photo taken on the Pacific Trail

Creator of Herb Planet ~ Frances O'Halloran